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Clarification of real estate proprietary relations

On the territory of the Republic of Croatia, it often happens that the land registry lists the owners before the last one, posing the risk that such persons lay claim to a real estate property even though it has already been acquired by someone else. Before making an acquisition, buyers always wish to have a clear field, which also requires searching for the previous owners. However, they often do not live in Croatia, but in another ex-Yugoslavian state or have possibly passed away, making it advisable that you establish contact with the successors of such persons / companies. Genealozi can help you. We will find the previous owners and present you with their contact information.

It will not be easy for you, but you will ultimately gain legal security and there will be no need to worry that a previous owner may lay claim to the real estate you will have possibly acquired.

Should you require legal assistance in such matters, we recommend that you contact attorney-in-law Kristina Mudrovcic
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