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Welcome to the official Genealozi d.o.o website

Genealozi d.o.o. was founded with the intention of researching family history, individual histories and the search for the identities and whereabouts of heirs, and to provide assistance and gather all necessary documents in proving claims to domestic and foreign estates and inheritances.

Our search often brings us in contact with lawyers, public notaries, municipal courts, church and other public archives, most often during the process of gathering documentation needed to prove claims to an estate or inheritance.
PWe are also able to provide assistance to banks and other financial institution in their search for owners or heirs of owners of dormant or inactive bank accounts.



About us

Genealozi d.o.o focuses on Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina but we are proud to cooperate with several international genealogical and probate companies in both emigration and immigration countries in order to provide our clients with the most accurate and best possible service.
If you lost contact with relatives or members of your family who immigrated to another country, or would like to research your own family tree, find where your roots are, Genealozi d.o.o. can help you in your quest.
Have you been contacted by our company, and are not a bank representative, public notary or a solicitor? If so, it is because we, based on our research, believe you may be entitled to an inheritance you may have not known about.

We hope these pages will give you an additional insight into our activities and our mission, and we hope our search bears you fruit.



Locating unknown legal heirs

Through our large genealogical library (old and new telephone books from Croatia and other countries, emigration lists etc.) and our modern information databases we are able to locate missing and/or unknown legal heirs of estates.
If you are a lawyer, public notary or a financial institution, we can aid you in your search for missing heirs in emigration and immigration countries.
Our extensive searches enable us to constantly update our libraries and databases with new information.

Clarification of real estate proprietary relations

On the territory of the Republic of Croatia, it often happens that the land registry lists the owners before the last one, posing the risk that such persons lay claim to a real estate property even though it has already been acquired by someone else.

Before making an acquisition, buyers always wish to have a clear field, which also requires searching for the previous owners. However, they often do not live in Croatia, but in another ex-Yugoslavian state or have possibly passed away, making it advisable that you establish contact with the successors of such persons / companies. Genealozi can help you. We will find the previous owners and present you with their contact information.
It will not be easy for you, but you will ultimately gain legal security and there will be no need to worry that a previous owner may lay claim to the real estate you will have possibly acquired.

Should you require legal assistance in such matters, we recommend that you contact attorney-in-law Kristina Mudrovcic.

Family history research

We specialize in the search, reconstruction and documentation of biographical data and the creation and tracing of family trees. This enables us to undertake even the most complex taks in family history research.

If you are looking for your ancestors and would like to know more about the history of your family our research team, using the most modern available technology, will be happy to help you.

Obtaining documents

Genealozi d.o.o specializes in obtaining historical charters, documents and diplomas from all over the world. Also, if you would like to gain citizenship, we can find the historical documents you need, and have them translated with a certified court interpreter. We also translate and transcribe diplomas.

Genealozi d.o.o is a part of Historikerkanzlei

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The confidentiality of your data is our prime concern while handling your case.

Therefore we keep our associates supplied with up to date security methods, both in Croatia and abroad.

If you place your personal data at our disposal, it will only be used in order to answer your queries, in your inheritance process or technical administration.

Our office has a strict ethical code which enables and assures the security of your personal information.

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